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Ready to elevate your brand to the next level?

I work one-on-one with businesses and individuals to deliver beautiful images that will help build your brand and meet all of your website and social media needs.

My attention to detail and know-how assure that your images will provide professional visual content needed to help your brand thrive.

Headshots | Business Branding Photography | Boise, Idaho | Rachel Wolf Photography



After submitting your contract and retainer to fully book your session, you will receive a branding questionnaire to nail down the key aspects of what you are wanting to portray and accomplish during your shoot.


Communication between us is important! A Pinterest board will be created to catalog any and all inspirations, ideas and desires for you shoot. We will also work together to pick the perfect outfits and accessories that best reflect your brand, along with any decorations or props needed for your session.



During your session, we will continue to work together to ensure your vision comes to life. I seek to create a fun and relaxed environment, allowing your personality to truly shine through in your photos so clients better connect with you and your offerings.


After your session, allow up to 2 weeks for your online gallery to be ready. During this time, I go over each individual image to make sure your gallery has a cohesive, bright and clean look while paying extra attention to detail, making sure they are of the best quality and representation for your brand.



Once completed, your images will be uploaded into an online, password-protected gallery where you will be able to download and use them to take your business to the next level.

Business Branding Photography | Boise, Idaho | Rachel Wolf Photography
Business Branding Photography | Boise, Idaho | Rachel Wolf Photography



  • 2.5 Hour Session

  • 50 Hand-Edited Images

Ideal for headshots, product shots & flat lays, one month of social media content and images for website use…all with brand focus in mind.

Investment: $350


  • 5 Hand-Edited Images

  • 20 Minute Session 

  • Online Gallery

Investment: $50



15 Images / 30 minutes — $75
20 Images / 45 minutes — $115
30 Images / 1 hour — $150

A $50 retainer is required for booking Branding sessions.
All other sessions require payment in full at the time of booking.



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+ Q. I’m not sure where to start. What package do you recommend?

If you’re a new company or one seeking to rebrand, I recommend the Branding session. It provides all the visual content needed to help your business look polished, professional and successful.

If you’re needing a boost in your social media game, I recommend the Social Media Content session with different package options based on how often you post.

If you're looking to update your LinkedIn or other profile photo, I recommend the Headshots session.

+ Q. What should I bring with me?

Anything and everything you can think of! If you’re unsure, bring it and we can decide at the time of your shoot if we need it. Better to be over prepared than not!

A few ideas would be your laptop, cute notebooks & pens, coffee mug, planner, phone — basically anything you use during day-to-day business activities (and more!) with colors and styles that compliment your brand.

Don’t forget your outfit changes, a good pair of shoes to walk in between shooting and any products or items you may need shots of as well.

+ Q. How many outfits should I bring?

I suggest bringing an outfit for each location and/or photo idea. For example: one for headshots, one for sitting at your desk or coffee shop, one for walking around / outdoors, etc.

+ Q. What locations are an option for my shoot?

Wherever you need. Coffee shop? Let’s do it. Cozy indoor space? Heck yes. Downtown, mountains or grassy meadow? I’ll meet you there.

We will discuss ahead of time your specific needs and where the best locations will be. Just be aware when choosing an indoor location that bright, natural light is key...and outdoors we need to work around the best “soft” lighting the sun will give us.

+ Q. What do I need to do to prepare for my shoot?

Plan ahead. Planning ahead and communication with me will be the two biggest components to making sure your session runs as smoothly as possible. It helps to know ahead of time what kind of images you may need (either for website, products or pre-written captions) to make sure we’re on the same page and your needs are met.

+ Q. Can I apply my own preset?

As much as I would LOVE for my style to suit everyone, I know that’s not the case. I also know how important it is for your brand to look cohesive. If you need to apply a preset, please notify me beforehand so I can give you written permission to do so. I do require a $20 preset fee, along with a caption indicating a preset was applied by you on any postings. Do rest assured that each image will still be edited to the highest of standards for your use.