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I'm a fairly introverted person. I'm not usually one to put myself out there or strike up conversations. I would much rather listen to others for hours and get to know them on a more personal level! So that got me thinking.. what are some facts about myself that people might not otherwise know?

Well. Here you have it. 10 random facts about me:

Photo Courteousy of Susie Aranda Photography

Photo Courteousy of Susie Aranda Photography

1. I'm allergic to cold.
No joke. I will break out in hives, turn red and swell up. It was worse when I was a kid, but it still happens on occasion if I get too cold. Which makes enjoying my favorite dessert (icecream) a little difficult at times!

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2. I was almost a pediatrician.
If i wasn't a photographer and stay at home mom I would have become a pediatrician. I seriously considered a handful of colleges that offered pediatric majors. But then I realized where my preferences lie and that I could still work with kids doing something I love just as much - photography! Give me all the babies every day!

3. I always wanted a broken arm.
As a kid I thought casts not only looked cool, but MADE you cool. I tried multiple times to break an arm, but it never happened. Meanwhile, my brother had no problem breaking himself. Queue jealousy.

4. I was 19 before I ever stepped outside of CA.
And only then because we went to Nevada for our honeymoon. Now 6 years later I've been to 5 states, moved to one of them (beloved Idaho) and have plans to travel to more.

5. But not by plane.
Planes freak me out and I refuse to go on them. I rather leave days earlier and drive. Something about the long waits through TSA and sitting next to coughing people gives me serious anxiety.


6. I hate fish.
The look. The smell. The taste. 🤢 pretty much the only thing I will eat that comes from a body of water is clam chowder. Which is ironic, because I married in to a family that loves fish.

7. My first job was as a bookkeeper/office manager.
I worked for 5 years before my husband and I had children. The agreement we made when we were dating was always that I would stay home with our kids as long as we could afford it. It's challenging at times, but I would never trade being home with them for a desk and a paycheck. I love being able to watch them grow day in and day out and all the silly adventures we get to have together.

8. I love to make jewelry.
I have dreams of one day opening up my own jewelry line filled with one-of-a-kind nature inspired pieces. It's been a goal to really pursue the world of metalsmithing and make a lot of my items from scratch.

9. I am not a fan of exercise.
However, I would gladly hike all day. I love exploring and going on adventures. The smell and sound of the outdoors will always be one of my favorites.

10. I was homeschooled.
From Kindergarten - 11th grade. Yes, I was weird (I still am, if we're being real here). No, I never wished I had gone to public school. Honestly, I enjoyed it a lot. I got to learn at my own pace, study in my pajamas and take cool field trips. I got to graduate early so I could attend college alongside my husband. I got to work full time at 16 years old and was able to afford my first car on my own. I feel like I had a more hands-on experience and was exactly where I needed to be.

Photo Courtesy Theresa Wooner Photography

Photo Courtesy Theresa Wooner Photography

Photo Courtesy Theresa Wooner Photography

Photo Courtesy Theresa Wooner Photography