Why I Love Family | Boise Family Photographer

In March of 2014 I was 28 weeks pregnant. My husband and I spent the day cleaning and running errands like any other Saturday as we prepared for our sweet twins. Little did we know they would be coming sooner than we expected. Awoken at 1 in the morning in a panic we realized something wasn't quite right and rushed to the hospital. Sure enough, our sweet twins were trying to make their entrance in to this world 12 weeks early. After nearly two weeks of being on bed rest in the hospital, constant monitoring and a turn for the worst, our little babes were born and whisked away to the NICU. They spent 3 months in there with many ups and downs, a lot of heartache, but also so much joy. Because even though it was one of the hardest and darkest times in our lives, my husband and I couldn't have been happier - because we were now crowned with the new title of "Mom and Dad".


Our whirlwind experience of entering parenthood taught me many things, but one of the biggest lessons I take to heart is that family is so important. Every family has their own story. Their own journey. Their own memories. I love being able to photograph a family and make their story known. To preserve the love that they have for each other. To allow them to look at the pictures hanging on their walls and remember every trial, every tear, every milestone, and every celebration. From the littlest ones taking their first steps to the biggest ones graduating high school, to the brand new parents, and the well seasoned pros. These ever fleeting days go so quickly, but these same days belong only to you, and I love that I can help you remember them.

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I love being able to make little ones laugh, letting them run and be wild - letting them be kids! All while I get to capture it.


I love hearing siblings remissness over their childhood and all the silly things they would do together. All while I get to capture it.

I love seeing mom and dad look on at their children, enjoying a moment of intimacy and deep thought as they step back and realize how their love has grown and how far they have come together. All while I get to capture it.


I love being able to share with others something so important to me - Family. All while I get to capture it.