1 Year Session - Leland | Boise Family Photographer

Little hands. Toothy smiles. Messy faces. Soft skin. Sweet curls.

I seriously love babies.

From those fresh first hours to the inquiring toddler stage. I really do love all of it. When I was pregnant with our firsts I asked my husband in all seriousness how he would feel about having 6 kids. He responded with "let's see how this one goes first". Well, after 3 kids I can honestly say I laugh at poor, young and naive Rachel regularly. It has been such a huge blessing in my photography career to be able to love on all the additional babies that come my way, and yet still keep my sanity at home. Or atleast some of it.

This little man is so full of expression and life. You can already tell that he has the biggest heart and love for those around him. We celebrated his turning one with a super fun shoot down on the Boise river. What better way to capture the essence of a child than to let them be a child? Splashing around in the river, digging in the dirt, finding sticks to play with... This kid did it all. I loved getting to take pictures of him just being in his element.

What made it even better is this was my very first shoot in our new home of Boise, Idaho. AND this little guy is none other than my best friend's sweet son. Not many people get to move to their dream state with their best friend, but I'm so blessed to be able to say that I did. What is funny is photography is actually how I met her! She called me up to do her family pictures 5 years ago and we instantly clicked. I love being able to photograph her family as they grow through out the years, and more so the relationships photography has allowed me to create.