The Hollar Family | Boise Family Photographer

Taking pictures for family is always fun. The more history I have with a client the better the shoot is! However, this one especially hit close to home. You see, my sister and her family were planning to embark on a huge adventure in the next few months. And I'm talking "sell your house and all your belongings to huddle up in a trailer and travel across the united states to find your new forever home" kind of huge adventure. So as bittersweet of a moment that it was, I was still more than happy to take these pictures for my family.

We decided to make a whole weekend out of it and camp down by the beach in a beautiful little area. Our trailer was literally a 2 minute walk from the shore! To kick off all the fun stuff we had planned for the weekend we decided to do the pictures first. It was a beautiful, overcast day and we were met with the crisp ocean air and the sound of rolling waves. You could not have asked for a better day for these guys to have their last hurrah at the beaches of California.

The beginning of their story starts out like most others. Ben was constantly over worked at a soul sucking job that he hated, causing him to sacrifice precious family time and leaving him wondering if it was all worth it. Meg and Ben realized there had to be something more to life than this so they spent months tirelessly fixing up their home and consolidating their possessions. Their hard work paid off and within a year they managed to sell their home, quit their jobs and move their family into a trailer that has allowed them to be able to achieve their goals. Already they have explored multiple states and grown so much closer as a family.

While their ending is still up in the air, they are enjoying every second of the current chapter. One day they will pick their favorite state to find their forever home in, but for now they are living their dreams in under 300 square feet.