2018 Senior - Greer | Boise Senior Photographer

This girl and her family are near and dear to my heart. They have been so gracious in allowing me to photograph their family for the last 5 years, and have made me feel like an additional member in the process! Between senior pictures for all three kids, birthday parties and events, it's been a wonderful time capturing all of their milestones and being welcomed into their home.

Greer is seriously such a sweetheart. She is bright, bubbly and so quick to flash that gorgeous smile at you. We had an absolute blast at this session! From talking about her boyfriend, cracking jokes and maybe just a little gossip, it was a great afternoon. Her mom even tagged along to be her own personal hype man! We laughed all about stepping in muddy puddles, the weird angles photographers use to get the best pictures, and how we all three have horrible RBF and that it can sometimes put us in awkward situations, but it always make for the best stories.

I barely had to mention how to pose this whole entire shoot. She crushed it. Greer was such an ideal model and pulled out all the stops. And really, when you're that gorgeous the camera just naturally loves you anyhow! Her personality radiates through these pictures, showing how fun she is and also capturing that killer smolder.

Senior year is often one of the best and yet scariest times. It's filled with so much fun and memories with friends and family, and yet also the promise of a completely new and unknown adventure lying ahead. With embarking on college, a new job, adulthood, personal growth.. it all can be overwhelming. But honestly, if you take a deep breath and learn to live in the moment it will be such an amazing experience to add to the books!